Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Midsummer Ball

If there's one thing that posh English universities do well, it's Balls. This year my boyf (centre, dashing, crown) is graduating and so we celebrated with true style with the Midsummer Ball.
I'm always a little intimidated by how well dressed these fabulous girls are, and so instead of blowing my budget on something I can't really afford I decided to make my dress. I made a copy of this dress and I'm really damn proud of myself. Anyway one with the amazingness...
We were wined and dined inside the most beautiful marquee.
Before taking many many many photos. Don't you just love group photos!? I love the amount of love per square inch.
Finally we passed the wee hours on fairground rides, eating candy floss and dancing to a Beyonce tribute act. UH-MAZING.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Some exciting projects

Lately I've been working on all sorts of exciting things. I think I'm going to make it official later this week. Can you guess what it is?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

This week...

I need the help of all you bloggers or business-runners out there who have dark houses. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO IT!? I really want to blog more but it's really hard when all the content I can produce is all shadowy and bleh. How do you do it!? Do you use lights and flash? How do you avoid getting that washed out look? I need your advice!

I thought I'd do a round up of my week.
-We're in week three right now at uni and so things have just started to heat up in terms of actually needing to do things. I swear I could not do it were it not for colourful stationery. That might be a bit materialistic but it works. I have on colour for each of my courses and I really love it that by the end of my degree I'll have a rainbow for my bookcase.
-Last year I visited  Fortnum and Mason for the first time and oh my goodness I am addicted to their fruit tea. The majority of the time out house are addicted to Lidl Mint tea (actually the best thing ever!) but when things need a little bit of shake up you can't beat a bit of F&T.
-Talking of cheap products which are totally amazing, have you tried the Primark scents lately? They're really nice and fresh.
-I've switched to a more natural hair colour lately so I'm rocking a little bit more of a natural red. Now that it's not so bright red I've been rocking a lot more red. Lipstick, dresses and glasses. I can't get enough of the colour now I don't clash so much.
-Dark chocolate is a life saver right now. I'm trying to eat healthier and cut down on unhealthy snacks but I think I would just collapse if I didn't have treats every now and then.
-It is cooooooold in Edinburgh right now! We have snow and frost and wind so walking to uni had been horrific. These gloves from Tiger have been such a life saver. They are touch gloves so I can use my iphone with them, most touch gloves are really boring colours but Tiger does some really sweet patterns.
-I finished the dark tower series a week or so ago and I'm still reeling! I spent about 6 months reading all 7 books and I just can't get over the fact there's no more to read. I feel totally lost! What do you do when you finish a series? (Also if you  haven't read it, you totally should. It's a change-your-life series.)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Vienna Christmas Market

 I know Christmas is over. I know that. But I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't post a few pictures from me George's trip to Vienna.
For my 21st George got me a trip to Vienna. Soooo exciting! We went in late December so we got to visit all the Christmas markets, go and see a ballet and drink all the yummy mulled wine. I also discovered my new favourite snack; it's called langos and it's essentially fried garlic bread- what's not to love?!? On top of that we got to spend our anniversary in the beautiful city. It was amazing. 

If you have a chance to visit Vienna in the winter, do it! It's the perfect Christmas city.