Sunday, 1 February 2015

This week...

I need the help of all you bloggers or business-runners out there who have dark houses. HOW ON EARTH DO YOU DO IT!? I really want to blog more but it's really hard when all the content I can produce is all shadowy and bleh. How do you do it!? Do you use lights and flash? How do you avoid getting that washed out look? I need your advice!

I thought I'd do a round up of my week.
-We're in week three right now at uni and so things have just started to heat up in terms of actually needing to do things. I swear I could not do it were it not for colourful stationery. That might be a bit materialistic but it works. I have on colour for each of my courses and I really love it that by the end of my degree I'll have a rainbow for my bookcase.
-Last year I visited  Fortnum and Mason for the first time and oh my goodness I am addicted to their fruit tea. The majority of the time out house are addicted to Lidl Mint tea (actually the best thing ever!) but when things need a little bit of shake up you can't beat a bit of F&T.
-Talking of cheap products which are totally amazing, have you tried the Primark scents lately? They're really nice and fresh.
-I've switched to a more natural hair colour lately so I'm rocking a little bit more of a natural red. Now that it's not so bright red I've been rocking a lot more red. Lipstick, dresses and glasses. I can't get enough of the colour now I don't clash so much.
-Dark chocolate is a life saver right now. I'm trying to eat healthier and cut down on unhealthy snacks but I think I would just collapse if I didn't have treats every now and then.
-It is cooooooold in Edinburgh right now! We have snow and frost and wind so walking to uni had been horrific. These gloves from Tiger have been such a life saver. They are touch gloves so I can use my iphone with them, most touch gloves are really boring colours but Tiger does some really sweet patterns.
-I finished the dark tower series a week or so ago and I'm still reeling! I spent about 6 months reading all 7 books and I just can't get over the fact there's no more to read. I feel totally lost! What do you do when you finish a series? (Also if you  haven't read it, you totally should. It's a change-your-life series.)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Vienna Christmas Market

 I know Christmas is over. I know that. But I couldn't forgive myself if I didn't post a few pictures from me George's trip to Vienna.
For my 21st George got me a trip to Vienna. Soooo exciting! We went in late December so we got to visit all the Christmas markets, go and see a ballet and drink all the yummy mulled wine. I also discovered my new favourite snack; it's called langos and it's essentially fried garlic bread- what's not to love?!? On top of that we got to spend our anniversary in the beautiful city. It was amazing. 

If you have a chance to visit Vienna in the winter, do it! It's the perfect Christmas city.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!
I fully intend to blog a bit more this year. I've had a few blog posts saved in drafts for the last couple of months but I just couldn't bring myself to post them. I have this blog to make things and reach out to all my amazing readers but I also keep my blog as a sort of diary; I hope one day I'll look back and have this record as a memory jogger as well as a source of pride. After all that's happened this year it seemed insincere to simply get back to the happy cheerful content without mentioning what I've been through this year. I'll keep it short, I promise.

This year has been really trying for me, you've probably noticed that something has been up from the little I've posted. Basically this time last year I found myself in a situation where I was living with people I just couldn't get on with. After trying and disagreeing for a few weeks before the Christmas holidays there seemed to be a mutual understanding that it just wasn't going to work and we sort of fell into an arrangement where I stayed in my room and we didn't talk. It was unhealthy and sad. I spent last Christmas terrified to go back to university and I spent the following months becoming more and more mentally unhealthy and confining myself to my room. From speaking to a couple of people I know this can be quite common at University. If you've been through that sort of thing I'm sure you know just how horrible it can be to feel unsafe and unwelcome in your own home. If you've never had that I hope you never have to.
So there I was, beginning of the year. Stressed, unhealthy inside and out (avoiding the communal kitchen meant a lot of take-aways and skipped meals, starting to lose my hair due to stress and performing pretty badly at Uni.

So that's the bad bit over. The violins can stop playing now because the cavalry arrived. My wonderful friends and family were the best support system ever when I was really at my worst. They whipped me into shape, talked me into making the most of my time with studying and convinced me to get on with moving out (I don't know why I didn't earlier really, I guess I'd convinced myself I was just a terrible room mate? I don't know). As a lot of my friends were going abroad this year I didn't have anyone to live with and so I did what all sensible people do. I went on gumtree and found three men to live with. I admit I did not consider the safety implications of this, I was only thinking of New Girl.

So I moved out. That was amazing. It's really good walking away from a house you hate and not looking back. Like, really good you guys. I then had a long Summer  to recover. I focused on my health. I did a juice cleanse. I really learnt about how to look after myself more. I kinda got a bit better. My hair continued to fall out but it seemed a bit more manageable.

At the end of the Summer I took the plane back up to Edinburgh. I was damn terrified. I had such bad memories of that place and it was just me and a suitcase moving in with people I had met once. I was shaking like a leaf. And then I just wasn't. Within ten minutes of walking in the door I was eating spaghetti carbonara and watching a new girl box set (their idea!) with my new flat mates. Within ten minutes everything was just fine and I wasn't worried anymore.

So that was my weirdest year yet. I had nine months of stress and adventures into mental illness and then three months of America's Next Top Model marathons, communal cooking, epic group-fancy-dress costumes and basically just a really happy normal uni life. I started the year completely awfully and ended it really happy and hopeful that 2015 will be amazing.

So yeah...that all happened.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Christmas Behaviour

This may be my favourite photo ever. After browsing Pinterest and seeing the most beautifully arranged Christmas living rooms, I looked up and saw this. AND I THOUGHT BRILLIANT! You can't make Christmas in our house manicured and controlled because Christmas brings out some weird behaviour in us all.

You know those tree things?
You know the things that live outside?
Let's bring one inside for a couple of weeks.
Hmm..ok...we can't just do that though.
Oh I know. We'll cover it with electric lights and weird ornaments as well.
How weird do the ornaments have to be?
Well do you have any animals that never ever go in trees and aren't in any way connected to this season thematically or geographically or culturally?
I do have a crocodile.
Is that weird enough though?
It's wearing a top hat and a sparkly tail coat and pantaloons.
And four or those gangster shoes.
Ah cool. You had me worried there.
You know Jesus?
He was born in a st-
Massive red bubble thing.
Oh really?
Yeah, well known fact. Sort of red hollowed out lacquered orb thing.
Ah phew, that could have been really embarrassing!
Yeah. And you know about his hair right?
Well... he's a newborn middle eastern baby so I'm guessing a bight blond Mohawk?
And I just need to check the animals which were there...
A camel, two sheep, a tabby cat and a sausage dog.
Thought so.
So I got up two hours ago and I've had roughly 2.4 meals since then and done basically nothing
Probably have a sleep now, then.
Ok, I'll just take this hat off. And go up to bed. And change into something else.
No need, no need.
Why not?
Oh yeah.
What counts as a nutritious breakfast at Christmas time?
Well you need a fruit.
Perfect, classic Christmas. Then you need some sort of fibre or something.
There's an oatmeal and raisin cookie.
Wholesome. Now you need to be diverse here or your metabolism will probably explode or something.
Ok, I have a samosa.
Hmm that sounds quite light for breakfast...
It does have a lot of spiced meat in it.
Hmm well ok then. You need something else's all looking a bit healthy.
There's a prawn crostini in the fridge from yesterday's party.
Yeah that'll do it.
What's a sensible use of a few hours of my time?
Probably make a Christmas outfit for Stitch.
Should I make it completely fully functioning with fasteners and hidden seams and so on?
Oh for sure!
Won't that be extremely time consuming?
Exceptionally. I not have something else I should be doing?
Christmas, remember?
Oh yeah. Christmas.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My New Clutch Bag

 It was my birthday party this weekend (21st... I know! Absolutely mental!) and I had to dress up snazzy. I needed a clutch bag and since I am a maker I thought that there would be nothing better than to make a special thing for a special day.

At the moment I am halfway through The Dark Tower series (if you haven't read it, read it! It's one of those real change-your-life series) and there is a very beautiful and poignant poem in it that I knew I wanted to make something around. I had also been mercilessly stalking the amazing Olympia Le Tan on Instagram and had fallen in love with her book clutches and so I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and create a Dark Tower inspired book clutch.

 I'm ridiculously happy with how it turned out. The longest part was, of course, the embroidery which took a couple of weeks of casual stitching. I wanted to create a design which looked a little bit Mexican inspired since I imagine the part of the book where the poem is said to be set in a Hispanicy area. Although this isn't my usual style I'm really happy with how this came across. I made the the book casing out of mount board and thin bits of wood for the edging. I then covered the edges and the interior with sticky back gold paper and added a little jewellery box hinge.
I'm really happy with it. It felt really nice on a special day to be holding something that I'd worked hard on but also represented one of my favourite things. I hope you like it!

Dark days and pleasant nights to you all, sais.
(Read the books!)

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I need to save my Instagram feed!!!

I go on Instagram a lot. I mean A LOT. Lately university has really stepped up its workload and so instagram is one of the ways I can try and stay a little bit plugged into the blog world until I have more spare time. However, there is one huge thing I don't love about Instagram; you like a picture and then it's gone. Call me a hoarder but I like to see the little collection of things I am amassing grow, especially in the case of images. I WANT TO SAVE ALL THE PICTURES!!! That is why I have decided to put in a little effort each week and share my favourite instagram images; partly so you too can see them, partly so I can keep them forever. Enjoy.