Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines day everyone. I looooove Valentines day and this year I wanted to make it extra extra special and give a tiny little Valentine to everyone. Soooooo I covered my local park in a few thousand paper hearts.

 I had to get up super early to do it because believe me I was very scared that someone would yell at me and say I was littering (don't worry I'm taking them down tomorrow) but it totally paid off. It was so fun to hang around and watch people smiling and taking pictures and hear them talking about it.

 Later in the day I heard that loads of people were tweeting pictures of my hearts. It was sooooo fun to read them all. I especially loved reading the one's that said "SOMEONE has decorated the meadows" and thinking "they're talking about me and they don't even know it!!!!"

It was such a cool Valentines day seeing everyone's faces light up! I'm already planning my next installments!

 Happy Valentines day everyone!


  1. Oh my gosh this is awesome! And so inspiring. I want to do something like this next year. Stumbled over here from Skunkboy.
    Almost Endearing

  2. Ally,
    I love this! Came across your blog from Scathingly Brilliant. My Brother went to Uni in Edinburgh & has a flat on Lauriston Place (though he now works abroad)When we used to visit we'd walk my dog on the Meadows, happy days. It's lovely to see Edinburgh again :) x

  3. So lovely and so much effort! I made some crocheted hearts and hung them around my neighbourhood but only three of them. This is really lovely

  4. this is so amazing. i'd really like to try something like this, but i'd be scared too.

  5. it IS amazing! how lovely!xxx i'm going to make something for next year.x