Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Evolution of Blogs

First of all let me say how incredibly touched I was by the response to my last post. I still haven't had a chance to return all your kind comments and emails but please know they truly helped me and made me smile, so thank you so much.

In a way it was a real relief to write that post; obviously because it got things off my chest but also because it opened up new and different blog content for me. I think of Now That's Pretty as a craft blog, that's the way I describe it to people and they way I think it comes across to readers. Thinking of it this way, however does stop me from writing a lot of content. Outfit posts, posts about uni and just posts about everyday life often get sidelined in my head as I think they won't fit into the 'craft'  remit that I've set myself. This is something I really want to change- I want Now That's Pretty to have a lot more lifestyle content. Lately uni has been picking up and so I haven't been able to craft as much as I'd like and this means that I just haven't been posting- hopefully that will change soon but until it does, it will be nice to be able to post content which isn't purely craft based. I hope you guys agree that this seems to be a natural evolution for my blog... if you're not convinced then just you wait. You're gonna love it!


  1. Oh, I'm excited to see what Now That's Pretty becomes! It's nice to have a multi-topic blog, I do agree. :)

  2. I agree it's all about "lifestyle" anyway these days. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! :)

  3. I honestly cannot wait! You know that I absolutely adore you, Ally and I would definitely like to get to know you more so those sorts of posts will be awesome!

    Your hair also looks ABSOLUTELY AMAZING in that photo!!x

  4. It's your blog, sweetie, you can do what ever makes you happy. If that makes us happy as well, then all the better. :-) Crafting is all about Lifestyle anyway, it's just one aspect of how you live your life. Looking forward to your new sharings..... Great hair colour BTW! x